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Easy-Rose Cutter Set

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Create the fastest and easiest sugar roses ever with this set, perfect if you are a beginner as it is so easy to use and for professional cake decorators, this is a great time and effort saving tool. 

Key Benefits

  • Make beautiful roses that can be added to cupcakes or cakes for a sophisticated and romantic finish.
  • This one set can be used to make different shapes and sizes of roses.
  • The cutter can be used with fondant, flour, modeling paste or marzipan.

Each package includes a set of 3 pieces.

Still Not sure how to use it?

 Don't worry! You will receive an eBook that contains clear and detailed step by step instructions on how to make tens of different flowers from a bud up to a blooming 70mm rose with your order COMPLETELY for FREE!


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    Barbara M. Porter
    These were freaking awesome!

    These were freaking awesome! I made roses for a wedding cake in no time! and great instructions teaching you a lot of different shapes and techniques you can use.

    Art by Cake Easy-Rose Cutter Set Review
    Alida M.
    Love these!!

    Love to use these with fondant! It's super simple, all you have to do is cutout the fondant or gum paste with the cutter, fold cutout in half, and roll! It creates cute little roses. To make bigger flowers, just simply add more cutout layers. Amazing for the price

    Art by Cake Easy-Rose Cutter Set Review
    Gloria B.
    Wish I'd Found These Sooner

    These make rose-making SO easy. It's a little time-consuming, but considering how much cheaper it is to make your own flowers versus buying them, the extra time is worth it. Plus, since you're dying your own fondant or gum paste, you can easily make your roses whatever color you want and match colors with the fondant or frosting you're using for the rest of the cake. You do want to make these in advance and give them some time to dry out before putting them on a cake, so they'll hold their shapes. Also I've found that if you insert a toothpick into the bottom of each rose before you set them out to dry, that gives you a sturdy anchor to stick into the cake and makes it way easier to position the roses at different angles than if you attach them with frosting. To dry these without flattening them, I'll stretch some heavy-duty foil over the tops of pint glasses, roll up the roses, put toothpicks in the bottoms, and then poke the toothpicks through the foil and let the roses rest upright on the foil while they dry. Works like a charm!

    Gloria E.
    Takes some practice...

    Three different size cutters to make different sized roses. After some practice, you get really good at them and can make them very fast and efficiently.

    Brenda P.
    So easy to use!

    This product is fantastic. It can take me up to 45 mins to make one rose by hand, but with this product...I can make 5 roses is about 25 mins. My son and I also use this tool with play doh. It has been a fun purchase.

    Art by Cake Easy-Rose Cutter Set ReviewArt by Cake Easy-Rose Cutter Set Review