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Silicone Molds

Get stunning results and detail with our silicone fondant and gumpaste molds. Silicone molds are very easy to use and require no preparation of the mold beforehand. Simply choose a molding compound such as fondant, gum paste, chocolate or gummy mix. Then fill the mold, allow it to set or freeze it and turn out beautifully molded creations.
4-Piece Quilted Fondant Imprint Set Sale

4-Piece Quilted Fondant Imprint Set

On sale $14.95
Continuous Quilting Mold Sale

Continuous Quilting Mold

On sale $16.95
Unicorn Mold Set Sale

Unicorn Mold Set

On sale $19.95
Continuous Tree Bark Texture Mold

Continuous Tree Bark Texture Mold

Designer Bag Mold Sale

Designer Bag Mold

On sale $19.95
Rope Border Mold

Rope Border Mold

Rose Flowers mold Sale

Rose Flowers mold

On sale $12.95
Building Blocks Molds Sale

Building Blocks Molds

On sale $9.95
Butterfly Fondant Mold Sale

Butterfly Fondant Mold

On sale $12.95
High Heel Shoe Mold Sale

High Heel Shoe Mold

On sale $19.95
Mermaid Tail Mold Sale

Mermaid Tail Mold

On sale $12.95
Skirt Folds Mold

Skirt Folds Mold

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